Sunday School Yoga Teacher Trainings

„Advanced Studies 50hr course“

This course is an Advanced Studies 50hr course that covers 8 practice modules that will help progressively build your skills for real world teaching.

Datum und Preis:

23. – 27.01.2019

10hrs a day
Daily schedule is 9:00a – 7:00p
*1hr lunch break

Preis: 850€

Thai Yoga Massage

About the Course

50hr SSYTT Teaching Techniques
An Advanced Teacher Training with Michael James Wong, Co-Founder of Sunday School Yoga

Join SSYTT for an Advanced Studies and 50hr Post Graduate Teacher Training Course that will dive deeper in the tools, techniques and training necessary to progress your teaching in the real world. As we continue to grow as teachers it’s important to cultivate the skills to facilitate our teachings with more than just asana information.

This 50hr Sunday School Yoga Teacher Training (SSYTT) is a key part of any teachers development to further develop their craft and mastery as a teacher. SSYTT courses are aimed at ensuring that real world techniques are shared that enable you to have practical application ready to incorporate into your teaching straight away.

This course will focus on 8 key themes throughout the training days that will help to curate, clarify and cultivate the best teacher within you.

What does the course offer?

  • Who am I?
    Establishing your voice and defining your purpose as a teacher

  • The Language of a Teacher
    The importance of language as a teacher cuing, creative dialogue and delivery precise and effective instructions
  • The Art of Alignment
    Learning how to align the body, not the pose. A focus on anatomy in action
  • Class Planning, & Intelligent Sequencing
    Understand the technique for effective class planning, theming and teaching methodology. Learn to structuring sequences with a balance of intelligence and creativity
  • Teaching & Touching
    Applying hands on assisting while supporting and maintaining the flow of your class
  • Meditation Techniques
    Understand how to get started with Meditation. Learn to teach present moment awareness & focus intention techniques, and how to establish the state of being in your personal practice
  • Business of Yoga
    The importance of establishing your business, brand and personal path as a teacher in the modern era of Yoga
  • Building your community
    How to create your tribe, the essential steps to finding your people


All 50hr SSYTT course are:
5 days, 10hrs daily
Daily schedule 9:00a – 7:00p

This course is facilitated by SSY Founder and Senior Mentor Michael James Wong


Lucie Beyer

Michael James Wong is a professional human being, a man on a mission to break down barriers, smash stereotypes and bring the global wellness community together in a calmer & quieter conversation.

Michael is the founder and vision before BOYS OF YOGA, JUST BREATHE & SUNDAY SCHOOL YOGA, organisations aimed to create community, connection & quiet in the real world. A lifestyle & wellness advocate, community leader, international yoga & meditation teacher and acclaimed speaker an d author of Sit Down, Be Quiet, Michael is recognised around the world as a leading voice in the global wellness movement for modern mindfulness.

A New Zealand born, Los Angeles native, now based in London, Michael’s passion is to inspire the masses about the benefits of a mindful way of living every single day.

Michael’s relationship within the wellness community spans over the past 15 years & his work is heavily influenced by some of the most inspiring modern teachers, spiritual leaders & global influencers in todays society.